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Sanibel 8-Ball Pool League 2013-2014

By Staff | Dec 24, 2013

Standings through Dec. 16, 2013:

1. Bunt’s Ball Busters (W: 107, L: 53)

2. Sanibel Cafe (W: 96, L: 64)

3. Odd Balls (W: 87, L: 73)

4. Sandycappers (W: 86, L: 74)

5. Island Lifers (W: 60, L: 100)

6. Fresh Legion Crew (W: 44, L: 116)

Dec. 16 Results:

Odd Balls 12

Fresh Legion Crew 4

Sanibel Caf 9

Bunt’s Ball Busters 7

Sandycappers 9

Island Lifers 7

Sanibel Cafe handed Bunt’s Ball Busters its first loss of the season with a 9-7 thumping of the League leaders. Cafe’s Pete Mindel led the way with a resounding 3-1 thrashing of Ball Buster Captain Bob Buntrock. Sanibel Cafe Captain Rich McCurry also posted three wins over Kip Johnson. Best shot of the night was Cafe’s John Earle’s almost 90 degree on the eight to steal a win from Buster Dave Doane. Sanibel Cafe is now firmly in second place, 11 games behind the Ball Busters and 10 games in front of Odd Balls. Next Monday’s big match pits the Cafe shooters against the Odd Guys in a battle for second place.

Doc Lubinski and Nate Buffam had 4-0 nights to pace the Odd Balls to its 12-4 shellacking of Fresh Legion Crew. Ball Buster Ray Walker had three wins for his team and pointed out that he would have had four wins if his opponent, Becky Skog, hadn’t opened the front door to the Legion during the match there by destroying the “room’s barometric pressure.” Fresh Legion Crew Captain Gator Gates racked up three wins for his team to help avoid a complete disaster.

Sandycapper Jack Dalton had another 4-0 night as his team edged the Island Lifers 9-7. Gary Murza and his son Graham combined to rack up five wins for the Lifers.