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Obama petition on Tarpon Bay Road

By Staff | Dec 24, 2013

To the editor:

While driving past Bailey’s store on Tarpon Bay Road I noticed a table beside the road with a sign that read, “Impeach Obama.” It had petition papers on the table for people to sign if you agreed. And right beside the table was a large picture of President Obama with a Hitler style mustache.

I guess people with a Republican mindset consider President Obama’s efforts to help people afford health insurance, turn the economy around from a near depression thus boosting the real estate market, and his success in finally getting our troops out of a mess called Afghanistan. If all this is an impeachable offense, I question the sanity of the people who think so.

Since all of the mentioned problems were caused by the eight year Bush administration, why wasn’t there an impeachment mentality then?

So I ask you, who would you like to replace President Obama? I have an idea! How about the perfect Republican moral conservative, Tea Party darling, Trey Radel? He couldn’t be any worse than Bush! And who knows, maybe he makes better decisions when one cocaine or alcohol?

I’m beginning to think some Republicans are closet patriotic masochists!

-Bob Sabatino

Sanibel Island