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Fourth annual Weinerfest Sunday at the Shell Factory

By Staff | Nov 6, 2013

It will be a day where everybody will wish they were a wiener.

On Sunday, Nov. 10, Shell Factory will play host to the fourth-annual Weinerfest, a day dedicated to those lovable little Dachshunds, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Doggy Heaven Dog Park.

The event is free, although there will be a $10 charge for dogs to take part in some of the attractions and contests.

Weinerfest will feature wiener dog races for puppies, adults, seniors, wiener wanna-bes, and those physically challenged, Wiener Dogs on Parade, a hot dog eating contest, where people try to eat the most wieners in three minutes and even a doggie wedding.

Peggy Kay, president of the organization, said her group took over the event after the inaugural year and each year it has gotten bigger and better. This year is no exception.

“We’ll have vendors selling doggie, handmade, hand-baked items. There will also be an animal groomer, and an animal surgeon,” Kay said.

There will also be numerous dog rescue agencies hoping to find homes for dogs, wiener or not.

The event will support the Southwest Florida Wiener Dog Club, a social organization that brings together wiener dog lovers and their pets on the third Sunday of each month at the dog park.

Rick Tupper, marketing director at the Shell Factory, said a huge crowd is expected, along with hundreds of wieners, which will come to run and race.

The Shell Factory seemed a natural to hold the event when it was introduced in 2010, with its reputation as a dog-friendly facility, with its dog park, dock-diving pool, Dogbones, and the approval of dogs walking inside the facility.

“They were looking for ways to raise money for their events and got started with wiener dog racing, and it’s a lot of fun,” Tupper said.

But the big allure is to see them run down a straight track to their owners. Of course, that doesn’t mean they will.

“Not all of them run in the right direction. Some run into each other or into the audience,” Shell Factory owner Pam Cronin said. “It’s really fun to watch.”

Only pure bred Dachshunds will be allowed to race with each other, Kay said, because Chihwienies, which are allowed in the club, have an advantage over the purebreds.

“Their legs are about three inches long whereas my wieners are an inch shorter. It makes big difference,” Kay said.

Wiener Dogs on Parade will feature prizes for best doggy costume, dog/owner look-a-like, smallest wiener, biggest wiener, best parade float and the cutest little angel (child) and dog.

Prizes will also be given out for the races and hot dog eating contest.

Kay warned there may be some people there wearing shirts and creating an atmosphere of double-entendres, but also a fun one as well.

“It’s great for the little kids. They like them because they’re so small,” Kay said. “We hope everybody has a good time.”

The event is sponsored by SVS, Specialists in Veterinary Surgery, and PetMyWiener.com.

All dogs must have a current license and proof of current vaccinations.

For more go to their website at swfloridawienerdogs.com or call 458-3294.