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Charity Sale at Belk is Nov. 9

By Staff | Oct 31, 2013

Customers can expect deep discounts next weekend while shopping the Charity Sale at Belk.

The private sales event will take place from 6-10 a.m. Nov. 9 at 2342 Surfside Blvd. Occurring in the spring and fall, it features 20 percent to 70 percent off of everything, including handbags and shoes.

The event serves as a fundraiser by requiring that customers have a ticket to get in.

Tickets are sold for $5 by local non-profits, which keep 100 percent of their ticket sales.

“It is all the local charities,” Cathy Norwood, the Cape store manager, said of the where the raised proceeds go. “It literally just goes to the charities that are participating.”

As of Thursday, 33 charities had signed up to sell tickets.

Some of the participating groups include Oma’s Heart, the Cape Royal Community Foundation, P.A.W.S. Lee County and all the area hospitals, like Lee Memorial, HealthPark and the Cape.

“We’re just really excited that we were able to get so many new charities,” she said.

Last year, 16 non-profits participated in the fall Charity Sale. They sold an estimated 3,000 tickets, which translated into approximately $15,000 dollars in funding to support the local community.

This is the sixth year that the Cape Belk has been open and has hosted the fundraiser.

Companywide, Belk raised more than $10 million last year for local communities with the sale.

While tickets can be bought in advance, some groups will sell tickets at the door.

“Anyone without a ticket can purchase one that day,” Norwood said.

The ticket also serves as a $5 off coupon on anything in the store that day.

“You do have to have a ticket to get in,” she said.

Norwood pointed out some of the best deals that will be available:

* An additional 20 percent off of higher-end sportswear, like Jones New York and Nine West

* An additional 30 percent off of dresses

* An additional 25 percent off of shoes for men, women and children

* An additional 60 percent off of fine jewelry, diamonds, pearls and gold

“Probably the most popular one is an additional 25 percent off designer handbags,” she said, citing Michael Kors and Coach as two examples.

“That is on top of whatever the sales price is,” Norwood added.

For example, an item could be priced at 30 percent off, then have an additional 25 percent taken off because of the sale, plus another $5 off when the buyer uses the event ticket as a coupon.

Any merchandise not available at the store can be ordered and purchased with the sale discounts.

“We are a smaller store,” she said, referring to what can sometimes be a limited selection.

During the sale, the store will give away gift cards from $5 to $1,000 to the first 100 customers.

“We do want to remind everyone that there is a free gift card,” Norwood said.

Other activities will be going that day. For example, P.A.W.S. will be hosting an adoption event.

As of Thursday, local non-profits interested in participating still had time to sign up.

“We still have openings throughout the week where they can come into the store and sell them,” she said of the tickets.

To register for the Charity Sale fundraiser, contact Cathy Norwood at (239) 282-5692 or Cathryn_Norwood@belk.com. Groups request the number of tickets that they plan to sell, then fill out the form when they pick them up at the store. Their non-profit tax ID number is required.