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Belk seeking non-profits for fundraiser

By Staff | Oct 11, 2013

The Belk in Cape Coral is signing up non-profit organizations for its Charity Sale fundraiser.

The event will take place from 6-10 a.m. Nov. 9 at the store, at 2342 Surfside Blvd. The sale, which occurs twice a year in the spring and fall, features 20 percent to 70 percent off everything in the store.

“It’s one of our biggest sales of the year,” Cathy Norwood, the Cape store manager, said.

The reductions include brands and items that are not typically discounted, like handbags and shoes.

“It’s why it’s so special,” she said of the overall savings available.

Customers need to have a ticket to get into the event, which is where the non-profits come into play.

“The charities sell the $5 tickets,” Norwood said.

The participating groups get to keep 100 percent of the ticket sales.

“They go out there and sell them, so customers can make a donation to that organization,” she said.

As of Friday, 18 charities had signed up to sell tickets.

“And they’re all, of course, local,” Norwood said. “Everything is local.”

Some of the non-profit organizations currently signed up include various Lee County schools, local Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops, the Cape Coral Art League, Habitat for Humanity and more.

“You name it, we’ve got it at this point,” she said.

Last year, 16 non-profits participated in the fall Charity Sale. They sold an estimated 3,000 tickets, which translated into approximately $15,000 dollars in funding to support the local community.

This is the sixth year that the Cape Belk has been open and has hosted the fundraiser.

“Our biggest thing, personally, is to reach more charities than we have in the past,” Norwood said of the goal for the upcoming event. “We’re reaching out to more groups – as many as we can.”

Companywide, Belk raised more than $10 million last year for local communities with the sale.

For customers, the ticket not only gets them in the door, it also acts as a $5 off coupon.

“So, really and truly, the customer is not out any money,” Norwood said.

At the sale, the store will give away gift cards from $5 to $1,000 to the first 100 customers.

“The charities that we’re working with – if they choose to do it – they can come to the store that morning and sell their tickets,” she said. “Charities will come and do different things.”

Non-profit organizations interested in taking part in the fundraiser can contact the Cape store and request the number of tickets they plan to sell. They can then pick up the tickets and fill out a form.

“It’s just a very basic sign-up form,” Norwood said.

Their non-profit tax identification number will be required as part of the form.

Along with the tickets, the groups will be given event flyers to hand out.

For more information or to sign up, contact Cathy Norwood at (239) 282-5692 or Cathryn_Norwood@belk.com.