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Faces on Faith: Acts 29 in progress

By Staff | Oct 9, 2013

Rev. Dr. Daryl Donovan

The Book of Acts in the Bible is about the Acts of the Holy Spirit in the early church. The Book has 28 chapters. I always tell people that Acts 29 is my favorite chapter. That means I love the acts of the Holy Spirit in the church today!

God is still the God of miracles! Several years ago we were starting a new church in a community where we were new. We just began knocking on doors, inviting folks to join us for worship. Believe it or not, some people came.

One morning as I was praying before going out to knock on doors I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Go to 219 East Culton Street.” I didn’t even know if there were a Culton Street, but was amazed when I drug out the city map to find that there was and there was an East Culton, and a West Culton. So I hopped in my car heading for 219 E. Culton.

When I arrived at the address I discovered there was an apartment complex. “So God, what do I do now?”

I did not have an apartment number. Just at that moment I heard a woman screaming and noticed an apartment door standing open. I ran to the apartment.

When I entered there was a shirtless man holding a large butcher knife threatening a young woman. I said, “Put the knife down!” In a demonic voice he replied, “I can tell that you are a man of God.” At that he dropped the knife and fled from the apartment.

We called the police, who later arrested him. We got the young woman into a Christian safe house. Not only was her life saved by God’s divine directive, but later she was introduced to a personal life-transforming relationship with the resurrected Jesus Christ.

I’ve only had a few occasions like that, but it only takes a few to know that Acts 29 is still being written, and that the Spirit of God is still very much at work in the world today.

I rejoice at how I see Him at work among the churches of Sanibel and Captiva. I can hardly wait to see what He adds to His story among us!