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CHR perfect for library volunteer

By Staff | Sep 26, 2013

Librarian Margaret Mohundro consults with volunteer Barbara Johnson on newspaper articles for library archives.

Margaret Mohundro, executive director of the award-winning Sanibel Public Library, has a special reason for appreciating the Community Housing & Resources (CHR) affordable housing program.

“We rely on an outstanding group of staff members and volunteers to keep us running,” Mohundro said. “CHR’s existence, and the affordable housing offered, put the Library in a better position to recruit staff and volunteers because there is the option of living on Sanibel. Thank you to CHR for making this possible.”

Barbara Johnson is a library volunteer who lives in affordable housing provided by CHR. After moving from Coral Gables 15 years ago, she struggled for several years to cover the going rental rate on Sanibel and was elated to discover she qualified for CHR’s then-brand new housing for island seniors. She is now the senior-most resident of Casa Mariposa.

As one of Mohundro’s outstanding volunteers, Barbara scours local newspapers each week for stories about Sanibel for the Library’s archives. She also remains active by walking regularly and climbing stairs rather than taking elevators.

She savors the quiet wilderness that surrounds Casa Mariposa and enjoys watching sunsets from her screened porch. Most of all, Barbara is grateful that CHR makes it possible for her to live in the serenity known as Sanibel.