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By Staff | Sep 24, 2013

While Ken Pleat and his wife were taking their afternoon walk near Stringfellow Road and Main Street in Bokeelia, Mrs. Pleat noticed something out of the ordinary.

She stopped in her tracks and asked, “What’s wrong with this picture?”

Noticing that the sign was turned 90 degrees, Mr. Pleat said, “Maybe the kids turned the sign.”

“No, look again,” Mrs. Pleat said.

It was then that Mr. Pleat noticed the name on the sign is incorrectly spelled “Stingfellow,” not “Stringfellow.”

Mr. Pleat’s guess is that it has been that way since last season. It seems there was an accident there that took down the sign. When the new sign was installed it was not only spelled incorrectly but installed facing the wrong way.