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Lovgrove to paint ‘The Catch of Matlacha Island’ mural

By Staff | Aug 20, 2013

Leoma Lovegrove, an impressionist / expressionist painter known worldwide for her colorful artistic depictions of flora and fauna, will bring buckets of paint to the Matlacha Island Post Office, 4547 Pine Island Road, N.W., Friday, Aug. 23, starting at 6 p.m., to create a mural that will cover the side wall of the building that will face traffic entering the island.

“The Catch of Matlacha Island” mural will be one of Lovegrove’s signature fish paintings with special embellishments sculptured into the scales of the fish collected from the rubble of Matlacha’s 1968 landmark bridge. Lovegrove plans to work with light reflectors that were previously part of the bridge.

Donna Loibl, owner of the post office building said, “Uniquely, even the rafters inside the Post Office were from the original bridge and used by Bruce Scott when he built the post office building way back when. The project, once completed, will have bridge artifacts inside and out, preserving some of the Island’s history in a very colorful form of art for all to enjoy.”

Lovegrove will be painting from 6 a.m. to noon, Saturday, Aug. 24, and Sunday, Aug. 25. On Monday, Aug. 26, at 8 a.m., she plans to sign the mural. Spectators are welcomed.

The Matlacha Island Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring the project and hopes to bring about awareness of the importance of keeping island area waters healthy for fish spawning and habitats, for years to come.