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Southwest 6 & 7 property owners to receive revised prepayment coupons

By Staff | Aug 2, 2013

Property owners in Southwest 6 & 7 will receive revised “prepayment coupons” after the city found a small discrepancy between the amounts shown on the parcel information sheet and the prepayment coupons sheet. The discrepancy only affects those parcels larger than the typical, two-lot (10,000 square feet) parcel; however, the city is sending revised coupons to all property owners. The revised prepayment coupons will be mailed on Tuesday to all property owners in the expansion area.

All amounts on the parcel information sheet, including the maximum annual amount, are correct for all parcels. The prepayment coupons sheet included in the original packet of the affected parcels shows an amount that is slightly different from the parcel information sheet. The maximum number of annual payments for the Line Extension assessments and Capital Facility Expansion Charge displayed at the bottom of the parcel information sheet have been transposed. It should read 20 years for the Line Extension assessments and six years for the Capital Facility Expansion Charge.

Source: City of Cape Coral