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Back-to-school tax free weekend begins tomorrow

By Staff | Aug 1, 2013

Don’t forget to take advantage of the Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday from Aug. 2-4.

This weekend there is no sales tax for the purchase of school supplies. Clothing and shoes up to $75 and supplies up to $15 will be tax free, and for the first time the state is including personal computers and accessories. Shoppers can expect to pay no taxes on personal computer purchases up to $750.

School shopping can be expensive for families so take advantage of the tax exemptions. According to a survey from the National Retail Federation, a family with school-aged children will spend an average of $634.78 on clothing, shoes, supplies, and electronics in 2013.

Make sure to check the complete list of items from the Florida Department of Revenue to be sure what you’re purchasing is tax-free. The department also developed a QR code where shoppers can use their smartphones to scan the code and access a list of all tax-exempt items. A QR application needs to be downloaded on your smartphone before you can scan the code.

It may be busy out there with retailers expecting 30-40 percent more in-store traffic this weekend.

In 2010, the sales tax holiday generated $115 million more in taxable sales and $293 million more in overall sales for the state, according to a study by The Washington Economics Group.