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Lily & Co supports local artists, designers, craftsman

By Staff | Jul 17, 2013

Dan Schuyler and Karen Bell, owners of Lily & Co., showcase the featured art at Lily & Co. PHOTO PROVIDED.

Although Lily & Co. Jewelers on Sanibel Island represents the globe in precious gems, it also represents local gems talented artists, craftsmen and jewelry designers.

“We value designers and artists who are part of our community,” said Dan Schuyler, co-owner of Lily & Co. who has more than two decades of experience in the jewelry industry.

Last year Lily & Co. formed a partnership with Sanibel’s John Allan Designs, known for his exclusive Sanibel-shaped bracelets that can be customized with a variety of specialty charms. The gorgeous John Allan collections are made of the finest materials from 14-karat gold, the new “Argentium” sterling silver that does not tarnish as quickly as ordinary silver, to high-grade diamonds and stones.

Sanibel artist Patty Sprankle has been creating magnificent pieces of hand-painted porcelain for the past 10 years. Her art began as a redirection in focus from her raising her now grown son; today it is a passion for the craft she discovered by chance.

“I love the look and feel of porcelain,” said Sprankle, who is inspired by the beauty of nature shells, birds, bugs, and butterflies. “I don’t know of another medium that permits such clear and vibrant portrayal of nature.”

Sprankle’s hand-painted porcelain pieces trim the glass shelving of Lily & Co., and she feels the jewelry gallery provides the perfect showplace for her work. Handmade Sailor’s Valentines by Pamela Boynton and Gerda Reid, along with handcrafted pottery and clocks by Jerry Edelman all Sanibel residents are gracefully exhibited with the distinct etched glass collection of Lucas Century. His work features etched images with exceptional clarity and depth in glass pieces from vases to the gorgeous crystal wine glasses.

“I love to revere indigenous shells, critters and vegetation translated in simple line renderings which catches the light as pleasing graphic motifs,” said Century, a self-taught artist who has maintained a home and studio on Sanibel Island for about 30 years.

The jewelry gallery’s walls are lined by artwork from Captiva watercolorist Diane Fugit and vintage-style oil paintings by Sanibel artist Myra Roberts. A former art teacher, Fugit’s greatest passions in life are her artwork and eight grandchildren. She studied watercolor with Jim Hamil and has been a pastel and portrait artist for 30 years; her paintings are often inspired by island scenery.

Myra Roberts has become a best-selling artist in Southwest Florida with clients who enjoy her oil paintings that convey the mood and style of the 1920s to the 1950s.

“You have a feel on Sanibel that it doesn’t change in time,” said Roberts, who is always charmed and inspired by the island’s rural temperament.

After signing up for a pottery class at Big Arts, Jerry Edelman has been transforming clay into wonderful artistic pieces, many of which encompass his passion for nature and wildlife. His work is on display at Lily & Co.

“Each piece is unique, going through its own creating, building and glazing process and is sure to be a conversation piece in your home,” said Edelman, who has resided on Sanibel since 2005.

Lily & Co. proudly carries the exquisite collection by Florida jewelry designer Alexis Barbeau. Her designs are inspired by the sand dollars, starfish and sharks she encounters underwater while diving off the South Florida coast.

Through the use of exotic gemstones, Barbeau brings the colors of the tropical reefs and sea life into her pieces. She uses casting and fabrication to create each collection; every piece tells a story with gold, silver and the precious stones worked into the fascinating rough textures and gentles shapes hidden under the ocean waters.

“With the addition of piercing, soldering and forging each piece comes with its own individual story and soul,” said Barbeau.

European-trained master gold and platinum smith Keith Rifenburg, of Whimmsith Designs, chose the native New Zealand Paua shell to artfully convey the beauty of Sanibel and Captiva shores in his pieces. Each shell is individually studied for the finest qualities to express the natural beauty and drama of the islands’ beaches, skies and sunsets no two pieces are alike and each is individually designed and fabricated. Rifenburg, along with his wife, has called Southwest Florida home for more than 20 years.

“The mixture of artwork and precious jewelry designed by gifted designers from our local area gives Lily & Co. a style all its own,” said Schuyler.

While Lily & Co. carries exquisite pieces of jewelry by famous designers, it has an equally fabulous selection of giftware to fill your home and life with beauty. Located at 520 Tarpon Bay Rd., Lily & Co. is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

“We hope to see you at Lily & Co.,” said Schuyler.