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CHR director earns glowing review

By Staff | Jun 20, 2013

JIM LINETTE CHR executive director Kelly Collini reviews the organization's website pages ready to be launched soon.

Several board members were excused from attending Monday’s monthly meeting of the Community Housing & Resources, leaving the nonprofit with barely a quorum of members to conduct business.

The seven board members in attendance only needed to take one vote to approve the minutes of the May 20 meeting. The rest of the meeting was taken up with regular committee, staff and financial reports.

Executive director Kelly Collini began her report by informing the board that the organization’s new website is ready to launch. She’s just waiting for the site designers to make the switch from development status to public access.

The site contains a variety of information about CHR’s programs for low income rental units, limited equity ownership properties, fundraising events and information for rental qualifications among other things.

Board president Richard Johnson also took the opportunity to report on the executive committee’s personnel report that commended Collini for her first year’s performance guiding CHR on the right track back to a sound footing.

“The executive committee is happy to report that it finds Kelly is doing an exemplary job with the challenges she has had to overcome since her hiring last spring,” said Johnson. “It takes a consistent, steady hand to oversee the day to day operation and I will share with you her reaction when we told her of the review results. She was excited with the review and that was before she found out the committee approved a bonus for her that is timely and well deserved.”

In the absence of several committee members, Collini also outlined the treasurer’s report, the development committee and landlord-tenant committee.

She reported the development committee has set Saturday, March 1, 2014, as the date for the second annual Mardi Gras fundraising event at the Dunes Golf & Tennis Club, while the FGCU-CHR golf tournament fundraiser is being moved to this fall with work continuing to be done to secure sponsors for the event.

CHR’s finances continue to operate with a positive balance in accounts despite having to replace several aging air conditioning units that failed in the last month.

“We are in a much better cash position during what traditionally is our very tight time of the year, for the summer, than we were just 12 months ago,” said Collini.

Collini closed by informing the board that the last remaining limited equity ownership (LEO) property “appears to have found a qualified candidate that will be approved.” She added that a second candidate has completed the process successfully as well and will be in line waiting for the next available LEO offering.

The executive committee recommended a retreat for board members be held one Saturday in September or October.

The next monthly board meeting is set for July 15.