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430 students cull perfect scores: FCAT results include top-tier accomplishment

By Staff | Jun 13, 2013

More than 400 Lee County students received a perfect score on their FCAT 2.0 subject area tests or End of Course exams from among the 50,000 students who tested.

Of the 430 who received a perfect score, there were 220 in elementary school, 105 in middle school, 14 in high school and 99 students who are enrolled in a charter school.

Among them is Peyton McCarthy, 9, who just finished third grade at Gulf Elementary School. She received a perfect score on her FCAT 2.0 math and reading exams.

“I feel really proud of myself that I accomplished this,” she said. “I like school and I like to read, so it paid off a lot that I got a perfect score on the FCAT math (and reading).”

Peyton said the math was not too hard, but was not that easy, either.

“It was kind of in-between,” she said.

The young student spent time at home studying, as well as at school.

“My teacher gave us a lot of books and I enjoyed reading and I studied as much as I could,” she said.

Her mother Lori said words cannot express how proud she is of her daughter.

“I am so happy for her that her hard work paid off,” Lori said. “She can actually see what she has accomplished on paper, so to speak. Anything she puts her mind to, she excels in academically.”

Each of the students who earned a perfect score will receive a personalized certificate with their name and a signature from Gov. Rick Scott. A perfect score was accomplished by receiving a level five.

The FCAT 2.0 is the transition from the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test, which is the new measurement for student achievements through the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards in reading, writing, science and math.

All students in third through 10th grade take part in FCAT?testing in reading. The new FCAT was administered in grades three through eight for math. Fifth and eighth graders took the FCAT science tests while students enrolled in algebra, biology, geometry or U.S. history took end of course exams, according to information released by the Lee County School District.

Overall, the district reported this month that Lee County students scored at or above state averages in seven of the eight grade levels tested in reading and met or exceeded state averages in five of the six grades levels tested for math. In science, Lee students did as well as the state average while eighth graders scored higher.

Jake Ellis, 9, who also just finished third grade at Gulf Elementary School had a perfect score on his math test.

“I am very excited because math is one of the harder subjects, especially when you get into third, fourth and fifth grade,” he said. “I am very happy and excited that I got a perfect score in math.”

His preparation for the test stemmed from his teachers, parents, grandparents and his sister who just finished sixth grade.

Although he was a little bit nervous going into the test, which consisted of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division questions, Jake said it turned out to be not that hard.

“You have to be confident in yourself and remember all the things you learned throughout the year,” he said. “I remembered that it was all going to be on the test of what I learned.”

His mom Christy said she was pleasantly surprised of course when she found out about his perfect score.

“I know he works very hard and he tries to do his best,” she said. “He had great training at Gulf Elementary and they all push him to do his best.”

The young student had some advice to pass onto his fellow classmates.

“Don’t be nervous about it, just be confident in yourself and know that you can do it with what you have learned throughout the years,” Jake said. “Take your time, go back and check your answers.”

Gulf Elementary School student Maya Allione, 9, received a perfect score on her reading exam.

“I’m really proud of myself,” she said. “I think I did really good, Im really proud and really happy.”

The soon-to-be fifth grade student said her principal and teachers Vanessa York and Angela Fiore helped her a lot in reading.

“The teachers help you a lot there,” Maya said. “They help you get good scores.”

With all the preparation, she said the reading test seemed simple.

“It was fun and easy to me,” Maya said.

Her mother Stephanie said she is super proud of her daughter, especially since she was not well while taking the test.

“The only week she was really sick was the week of the FCAT,” she said. “She did her best. It was good news to get these results.”

North Fort Myers Academy for the Arts student Lily LaChapelle, 14, received a perfect score on her End of Course math test.

The soon-to-be eighth grade student said she used her algebra text books to study a little bit for her test, along with the lessons during class.

“I was really shocked and surprised,” LaChapelle said about the test. “But I feel really good about it.”

Overall she thought the test was a little hard, but she thought it went pretty well.