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Tropical Storm Andrea Update

By Staff | Jun 6, 2013

A thunderstorm capable of producing a water spout is located 17mi SW of Captiva and closing on the island from SW to NE. It should be there by 1:45pm. This is part of a band of intense storms that are capable of producing 2-4 inches of rain, 30mph winds or higher and potential water spouts as it moves over or near Sanibel. This band will interact with the island thru 5pm and additional warnings are likely.

A “Tornado Watch” means that conditions are right for the development of a tornado. This watch means the public should pay close attention to the developing weather conditions and be very aware of their personal safety plan. Be prepared to protect yourself if the conditions deteriorate and pay close attention to the broadcast media for up to date information, alerts and reports of storm activity.

Tornado Tips:

Go to an inside room without windows on the lowest level of the house (a closet, bathroom, or interior hall). Protect your body from flying debris with a heavy blanket or sleeping bag.

Avoid windows. Opening windows to equalize pressure is ineffective in reducing damage during a tornado. Don’t worry about the windows: worry about finding shelter and protecting yourself.

Stay indoors. If you are outside when a tornado strikes, try to find shelter immediately in the nearest substantial building. If no buildings are close, take cover by lying down flat in a ditch or depression.

If you are in a car, get out of your vehicle and try to find shelter. A culvert or ditch can provide shelter if a substantial building is not nearby.

Closely monitor electronic media or your emergency weather radio for severe weather notifications.