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Vacant lot to get a new home

By Staff | May 30, 2013

JIM LINETTE The new owners of a vacant lot at 1114 Seagrape Lane, on which once stood a duplex that was destroyed by Hurricanes Charley and Wilma, won Planning Commission approval of a Development Permit application at the May 28 meeting to build a single family residence and pool.

A chance to add a home to the tax base on Sanibel was one key factor for the Planning Commission to approve a Development permit application at its May 28 meeting.

The property in question is a vacant lot at 1114 Seagrape Lane. A rental duplex on the lot was destroyed by Hurricane Charley in 2004 and further damaged by a hurricane in 2005. Sanibel’s post-storm build-back rules were in effect and ultimately demolished. The city extended the deadline for the two-year build-back process multiple times, but the owner chose not to rebuild and eventually sold the property to Daniel and Anne Cristo.

Since the property was non-conforming in its use as a duplex, the new owners applied for relief from the build-back requirements in order to construct a modest single family home with a pool. The new development would comply with all existing regulations for setbacks, intensity and buffers.

The fact that the new structure would conform to all current codes and reduce the intensity of use by half, commissioners voted 7-0 to approve the project without returning for a second hearing at another commission meeting.

Commissioners also approved a Conditional Use Permit application to allow for the installation of accessory shoreline revetment structure designed to protect the shoreline of a bay-front property from further erosion. The structure is proposed to be above the mean high water line of San Carlos Bay on the property of David Alban and Elsa Bruinsma at 1251 Seagrape Lane.

The staff report, presented by Planning director James Jordan, showed the project would have no impact to the wildlife habitat in addition to the planting of mangroves to help stabilize the soil. Staff recommended approval with several conditions, including a 25-foot fertilizer barrier between the water and any sodded areas. Commissioners passed the measure by a 7-0 vote.

A second hearing was held on a resolution on a new ordinance to allow the existing non-conforming use of a property at 1177 Causeway Boulevard continue as an office subject to the provisions of the land Development Code. The new ordinance repeals and replaces the current ordinance.

The resolution drew 7-0 approval by the commission and will be sent to City Council for a vote at a future meeting.

The next Planning Commission meeting is at 9 a.m. on June 11.