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Racetrac marks opening of second Cape store

By Staff | May 24, 2013

Racetrac celebrated the recent launch of its second store in Cape Coral Thursday afternoon with a grand opening ceremony, complete with local entertainment and free samples for the public.

The site, located on Del Prado Boulevard South, just south of Veterans Parkway, consists of 6,000 square feet and currently employs about two dozen people.

It opened its doors earlier this month.

Thursday’s event was set to feature a speech by Mayor John Sullivan, among other activities.

“We try to tie it into the community,” store manager Jeff Koisa said of a grand opening.

“Just to let people know we’re part of the community, that we’re happy to be here,” he added.

The site features the typical hot and cold food and drink items and convenience store basics, then takes it up a notch with a frozen yogurt dispenser with 41 toppings, milkshake machines and a value menu.

The store also offers free wifi, with indoor bar top and table seating and outdoor shaded seating.

“It’s trendsetting. It’s new. It’s fresh,” Koisa said. “It’s bright. It’s open. It’s inviting.”

Racetrac planned to open the location in December, but it was delayed.

Since opening, the store has received a warm welcome from the nearby rehabilitation center and St. Andrew Catholic School.

“Our 2 o’clock yogurt rush from the school is out of control,” he laughed.

Offering fresh frozen yogurt is something new for Racetrac.

“That’s a huge draw for a lot of people,” Koisa said.

The f’real machine, which makes milkshakes, it also a favorite – once people discover it.

“It’s a lot of fun,” he said.

For the adult customers, the store features a walk-in beer cooler.

There is also a 99 cent and a $1.99 value menu with hot and cold items.

“There’s really nothing in here you wouldn’t want,” Koisa said.

On Thursday, samples of various products were handed out to visitors and free T-shirts, mugs and coupons were awarded to those who tried their hand at the prize table.

A local car club was on hand, and entertainment, like the well-known The Del Prados, were brought in to perform for the crowd.

Cape resident Jeff Gaynor, a member of The Del Prados, was present for the grand opening.

“It was impressive,” he said after taking a look around the store.

Gaynor noted that it was a good idea to ask members of the community to take part.

“I think it’s a good way to promote a new business,” he said.

Mariene Gaynor called the new location “gorgeous” and one of the best she has seen.

“Everything is very modern, everything is up to date,” she said. “A lot of varieties to offer.”

“They’ve put in a lot of effort,” Mariene Gaynor added.

Prior to the construction of the store, the site was a closed car lot.

“It’s a lot more welcoming to the residents around us,” Koisa said of the new business.

“‘It’s worth the wait,’ is what I’ve been hearing from a lot of people,” he added.

The new Racetrac is at 2607 Del Prado Blvd. S.

The store is open 24 hours a day.

For information, call (239) 458-1161 or visit online: www.racetrac.com.