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Mullins Memorial adds on-site crematorium

By Staff | May 24, 2013

Cape Coral mourners who wish to have their loved ones cremated can have that service preformed here in the Cape now.

Mullins Memorial Funeral Home & Cremation Service is adding an on-site crematory that will allow the deceased, who may have lived their whole lives in Cape Coral, to be cremated here.

On-site cremation has been offered only in Fort Myers, said Shannon Mullins, the funeral director.

“The only other crematory is the Cape Coral Pet Crematory, so to this point, even we are taking people to be cremated in Fort Myers,” Mullins said.

Mullins Memorial has purchased a machine that he says is state of the art, and it was installed last week. He said there are still some things to be worked out, but anticipates having the crematorium ready by July 1.

“State of the art” relates to efficiencies with the process, Mullins said.

“People would choose us because we’re in the city, so we’ll be the only funeral home in Cape Coral that does 100 percent of its work in the city,” Mullins said. “We are the only one who has its refrigeration system on site as well as embalming, and, once we get the crematory going, we’ll be the only one who does that on-site.”

On-site cremation services will offered to Mullins’ families only; they are not planning to subcontract the services to other providers.

“We will not provide contract cremation services for other funeral homes or direct disposal companies as those services will be reserved for Mullins’ families only,” Mullins said

Mullins said by doing that, he will keep his prices competitive, adding he charges $795 for a cremation. Mullins said he didn’t raise prices this year and doesn’t anticipate doing so in 2014.

Mullins also said that people can witness the cremation by seeing it go into the crematory, wait for the cremation to take place, and receive the ashes within two hours. This gives the bereaved peace of mind, knowing where the deceased is at all times.

He added that with the crematorium, he can guarantee a timeframe within which the cremation will take place.

“Key points to a consumer are attractive from a cost standpoint, no changes in custody of the body and the process can be done faster,” Mullins said.

The biggest difference, Mullins said, is that now everything can be arranged under one roof.

“In our situation, you deal with the owner 100 percent of the time, either me or my wife,” Mullins said.

Mullins Memorial Funeral Home & Cremation Service is a family owned and operated funeral home, which opened in Cape Coral in October in 2011.

It is owned by Mullins and his wife, Sheila, who have been residents of Cape Coral for more than 12 years.

Shannon started in the funeral business in 1992. This is the second funeral home and crematory he has owned and he previously managed two funeral homes in Cape Coral.

He said Mullins Memorial Funeral Home & Cremation Service offers full-service final care with dignity and affordability.

The funeral home serves all religious beliefs, nationalities and all financial situations. Translations services in Spanish, German and Italian are available.

It also offers a variety of special services including all-night visitations for families at the funeral home and well as pre-arranged, pre-paid funeral services offered with no-interest and no finance charges to those who choose to make such arrangements.

“We have a certificate of authority from the state,” Mullins said, adding that such state licensing is required by those who offer pre-pay, pre-arranged services.

The crematory is the second phase of the home’s current expansion plan. The next phase, made possible through the acquisition of an adjacent property, will include a butterfly garden for those who may wish to hold an outdoors service, as well as additional parking.

Mullins Memorial Funeral Home and Cremation Service, LLC., is at 1056 N.E. 7th Terrace. For information, call 239-242-0909. The web site www.mullinsmemorial.com provides history, advanced planning information, current obituaries and an online guestbook.