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Faces on Faith: Would we be missed?

By Staff | May 23, 2013

Rev. Dr. Daryl Donovan

My mom had the dry wit of a midwest farm girl. When I headed off to college I said to her, “I’m really going to miss you Mom.”

Without missing a beat she said, “You’d miss a wart off the end of your nose too.”

I just got to wondering if the church were “beamed off” of Sanibel and Captiva, would we be missed? If there were no people of faith, who seek to know, love and follow God on these Islands, how would the Islands be different?

I hope believers bring a moral compass that exceeds the rationale and wisdom of men to Sanibel and Captiva. The Bible speaks of a time when Israel did what “seemed right in their own eyes” and they got into a big mess! Most of our laws that protect and maintain peace and safety find their roots in the Judeo-Christian faith words that came from a Holy God who knows best for us.

I would like to think those of us who love God love people more than most do. After all, our God told us the two most important commandments were to love God, and to love our neighbor. Love means caring, sharing, reaching out with kindness and compassion.

I would hope that the Islands would feel this huge void of servant-minded people if the church were gone. Those of us who are Christian have been instructed by Jesus that if you want to be great in God’s kingdom, you must be the servant of all. Mother Teresa certainly “got that” and I know a lot of other followers of Jesus who do also.

What I really hope we bring to the Islands is hope! You see, people of faith know there is more to life than this life, and that this life has an eternal purpose. When I was a boy I had an ant farm. Do you remember those plastic cartons where you could see the ants working busily in the dirt, toting food and laying eggs?

One day, for some reason, my whole colony died. So I tossed it in the trash. If there is no God, no eternal purpose than we are really no different than those ants pushing clods around, storing up food, eating it up, laying eggs, until one day it all just ends. Because we have had an encounter with the living God and know and believe His promises we know there is so much more.

Yes, I hope we would be missed more than a wart off the end of someone’s nose.