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CHR operating ‘in the black’

By Staff | May 23, 2013

Community Housing & Resources (CHR) continues on a financially sound track with 100 percent rent payments, fundraising and general donations leaving the affordable housing organization “in the black” through April.

CHR’s board of directors got that message from treasurer Melissa Rice at the May 20 meeting.

“Even though I know we are facing some expenditures this summer, with replacing some air conditioners that are failing, we are in a position to handle it,” Rice said.

The board’s development committee already is working on the two major fundraising events for the next 12 months, that being the second FGCU CHR golf event moved to this fall and the popular Mardi Gras event on March 1, 2014.

“We’re pushing for the lead sponsor for Mardi Gras as well as several other sponsorships,” development committee board member Tim Garmager reported. “We had about 250 attend this year and our goal for next year is 400 with a fundraising goal of $35,000 gross.”

“I think that goal is attainable,” chimed in board president Richard Johnson.

Garmager also urged the board to press ahead with a marketing campaign to send a “loud and clear message to the community.”

With the needs assessment for the Center 4 Life building that houses CHR offices having been submitted to City Council recently in conjunction with the commercial redevelopment project, Johnson reached out to assure the board that CHR would not be left out.

“I want to assure you that we won’t be left out in the cold,” Johnson said. “People recognize, through our liaison, and realize CHR is part of the scheme and will find space going forward.”

Council liaison to CHR Mick Denham assured the board that, yes, “viable space for CHR at the cultural center will be established.”

In other discussions, the CHR’s new website is in the final stages of preparation to be launched for public access in June.

“We still need to add more content and do some edits, but I am very happy with it,” reported CHR executive director Kelly Collini.

CHR still has one vacant rental unit, which is undergoing routine repairs to take in a new renter, and the one available Limited Equity Ownership property on Center Street has three application candidates being processed.

The board’s next monthly meeting is scheduled for June 17.