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Cape Coral Police to participate in ‘Click it or Ticket’ campaign

By Staff | May 20, 2013

The Cape Coral Police Department will be participating in the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Click It or Ticket campaign beginning today, May 20, and will continue through June 2.

During this time, Cape Coral Police Officers will be looking to enforce seatbelt laws in an effort to save lives, officials said. Officers will be stopping motorists who are not buckled up to educate them on the value of seatbelts. Motorists can expect warnings and even citations for not buckling up.

“The goal of the wave is to inform drivers of the dangers of not wearing seatbelts and how seatbelts can prevent injuries and save lives during crashes. It’s our goal to keep Cape Coral one of the safest cities”-Sgt. Patrick O’Grady, Special Operations Bureau, in a prepared statement.

“Seat belts are the most effective safety feature ever invented and have helped save thousands of lives. Sadly, one in five Americans fail to regularly wear a seat belt when driving or riding in a motor vehicle. By maintaining the Click It or Ticket brand and awareness we will continue to reduce seat belt fatalities on America’s roads,” the release states, citing NHTSA.

Source: Cape Coral Police Department