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Officials: CCFD extinguishes boat fire

By Staff | May 17, 2013

The Cape Coral Fire Department responded to a boat fire Thursday at 4900 Nassau Court.

The involved boat was a twin-engine fiberglass hull, twin-engine sports fisherman boat that is approximately 42 foot in length, with a fly bridge and fishing tower.

An observant neighbor noticed smoke coming from the vessel and called 911.

First arriving units reported that heavy black smoke was seeping out of the vessel hatches and windows. Crews identified it as a potential fire that created a back draft and performed ventilation tactics prior to entering the cabin.

Fire crews entered the vessel and performed fire extinguishment and search and rescue to ensure the boat was unoccupied.

The interior of the vessel sustained fire damage and severe smoke damage.

CCFD investigators and the State Fire Marshal’s Office were on scene.

The cause of the fire was unknown as of Thursday.

Source: Cape Coral Fire Department