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Lee County deputy arrested in robbery

By Staff | May 6, 2013

A Lee County sheriff’s deputy is under arrest, charged with robbery.

Michael J. Ronga, 41, was arrested at approximately 8:45 p.m. Sunday, according to a prepared statement issued by the Sheriff’s Office. He has been charged with robbery-no firearm or weapon.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office received the complaint of a deputy involved in a robbery on May 5, officials said. The suspect was identified as Michael J. Ronga and during the course of the investigation, investigators were able to confirm the complaint, according to the statement.

During the interview, the complainant said he was at a local restaurant in Bonita Springs where deputies responded to a disturbance. The man accepted a ride back to his residence by the suspect. The suspect did not drive towards the victim’s residence, but instead drove to a near by location in Bonita Springs. Once there the victim was battered and robbed, the sheriff’s office reported. The victim managed to get away and fled towards a wooded area. The suspect reportedly got back into his vehicle and drove away.

At the scene investigators discovered physical evidence verifying the victim’s story resulting in the charges, officials said.

“Words simply can’t express my disgust and disbelief,” Sheriff Mike Scott said in a prepared statement. “Mike Ronga has been arrested and jailed like a criminal should be and his betrayal of our office and the public trust is unforgivable. Immediately upon learning of this, I ordered a full investigation as we would with anyone suspected of committing such a serious crime, and we will pursue prosecution and justice to the fullest.”

As a result of his arrest, Ronga has been placed on administrative leave without pay.

Ronga was employed at the Lee County Sheriff’s Office since 2008 and most recently worked as a deputy in Delta (south) District.

Source: Lee County Sheriff’s Office