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Shell Factory to host Cinco de Mayo

By Staff | May 1, 2013

In Mexico, May 5 is held in the same esteem as July 4 is in the United States.

Which is why the Shell Factory is going to hold its first Cinco de Mayo celebration Sunday.

Unlike much of what the Shell Factory does, this event will be low key, much like its celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.

Rick Tupper, marketing director at the Shell Factory, said the idea is to build up the smaller events.

“On St. Patrick’s Day, we had some tables set up and we played music. So for this we’ll have Mexican music, a dejay playing music and a Mexican menu,” Tupper said. “It falls on a Sunday, which is different, but there will still be a lot for the kids to do.”

Tupper said the Shell Factory is starting to hit on events it didn’t used to – this in an attempt to erase the reputation the place had as a tourist trap.

“With every event, Mother’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, we’re doing something. We just never did anything on those days because we thought, ‘We’ll let it go to people who are already doing it,'” Tupper said. “We want a piece of the pie now.”

Tupper said they will keep these smaller, more contained events that are cost effective, and leading into the summer. While much of the Shell Factory’s business season is over, they still want to do events that bring the locals in on weekends.

He added the Shell Factory is looking to do a Blues Fest and a Kids Fest, possibly as early as this fall.

Cinco de Mayo is not a celebration of Mexican Independence, but rather a commemoration of a battle between Mexican and French forces in 1862. The Mexican army triumphed over the much larger and better trained French army, a victory that is a source of pride for Mexicans and is remembered every year on May 5.

For more information, contact the Shell Factory at 995-2141.