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‘New Disneyland,’ really?

By Staff | Apr 25, 2013

Dear Editor,

Having lived on this Island for over 37 years I have never written a “letter to the editor” before today. In Dr. Raffensperger’s letter I found some statements that just aren’t true. The reference to no live shells on the beach is totally false.

Less than a week ago I saw more live shells (very large ones) than I have seen in a long time. Sometimes at low tide I have seen hundreds of live shells. I’m not sure what beach the good doctor is walking on but it certainly is not anywhere near me.

Now to some of the more important issues. Those people who sit on either the council or planning commission do everyone on this Island a great service. To imply that they are self-serving to benefit their own businesses is absurd.

My hat is off to them for putting in the time they do to serve our community. We may be an Island but we do have a state road that goes to the end of Sanibel.

This is a Sanctuary Island and we have been and will continue to be good stewards of it. I have been to Disneyworld (and) can’t imagine Sanibel being mentioned in the same sentence.

Lastly, I just finished a 2 1/2 hour meeting in that the county will benefit over 7 million dollars related to beach and shore projects. Guess who paid the 7 million dollars, Tourists! Ask our city manager how much they will receive.

Yes, there is traffic at certain times of the year. I’m sure those that live in Niagara Falls feel the same way you do. They should have figured that out before they moved here. That’s enough for now.


Tony Lapi