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Kite Capital USA to hold official opening at the Shell Factory April 21

By Staff | Apr 19, 2013

For the moment, it is tucked away in the corner just beyond the front entrance of the Shell Factory.

In a couple of weeks, it will take up an entire section of the store, with the hope it will become the premier location in Southwest Florida to buy and fly a kite.

Kite Capital USA has “soft opened,” with an official opening slated for April 21 at its location fronting New U.S. 41, adjacent to Doggy Heaven. A proving ground in the front also will open.

Kites are coming in every day, with prices ranging from a few dollars to those in the $200 range, according to Kimberly Asher, the buyer’s assistant who was putting the small section together last Friday.

The idea developed when Shell Factory owner Tom Cronin discovered through his research there wasn’t a true kite shop anywhere on the west coast of Florida and decided to fill that need.

“It was his idea to build the largest kite distributor in the United States, so he created Kite Capital U.S.A.,” Asher said. “We have hundreds more kites coming in and the grand opening on April 21.”

The soft opening has worked out well, Asher said, adding that the proving ground will be open Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, giving kite flyers a place that’s wide open to fly them.

The kites hang on the walls of the new store and are suspended on the ceiling. Many of them are “regular” kites that sell for under $20, but there are others that are more intricate, such as an air guitar kite and one that looks just like a paper airplane.

Asher said the expansion should be finish by the time of the grand opening, meanwhile, touches are being made to give the new store a park-like feel.

Rick Tupper, marketing director, said the new store could lead to bigger and better things.

“We might do a kite camp. It depends on how things go. It’s just another thing we offer at the Shell Factory,” Tupper said.

Asher believes the store will be a huge success.

“It’s a great idea. You don’t see very many places that sell kites,” Asher said. “Kites were very popular in Indiana and I might decide to take it up.”