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Lee County Fair reports successful event

By Staff | Mar 5, 2013

It may have been 50 degrees on the final day of the Lee County Fair at the Lee Civic Center, but judging by the cars in the parking lot, people didn’t seem to mind.

Still, the cold weather that marked the second half of the fair schedule did impact the numbers somewhat, according to Kelly Palmer of the Hayloft and a member of the fair board.

“We were off by about a thousand. We had about 85,000 people through there this week, preliminarily,” Palmer said. “We had rain and cold for three days and those were the busiest days.”

Palmer said about 9,000 showed up for the final day on Sunday, when they usually get 10,000. Palmer said they were pretty happy, considering how cold it was.

And certainly there were things that helped take up the slack. Palmer said the livestock auction went great, with preliminary numbers showing most went from $350 to $450.

“We were proud of that. Some of the other fairs in the state had a problem getting the numbers,” Palmer said. “The people in Lee County come out and support 4-H and the kids, so they made a little money.”

The fair also benefitted from the warm weather it enjoyed in the beginning, with temperatures in the 80s for the first weekend.

Palmer said they set a record on Saturday with more than 18,000 going through the gates, with another 10,000 on Sunday and above average figures on Monday.

“We were way up until Tuesday night, when we got that rain. Tuesday is one of our busiest nights with the $12 wristbands,” Palmer said. “We got six or seven thousand when we usually get 10 or 12.”

Palmer said he got loads of volunteers to help this year’s event, including those from the Inner Wheel, the Ladies Rotary, who took over the Ladies Living section and took it into the Civic Center.

“We’re trying to get more organizations involved because this is a five-county fair really,” Palmer said. “If we can get the other counties”

Palmer said things went well overall.

“I’m pleased with what we had and we look forward to next year,” Palmer said.