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Teuber announces candidacy for school board

By Staff | Feb 28, 2013

Steven K. Teuber, a partner in the law firm of Neaher & Teuber, PL, has announced his candidacy for Lee County School Board, District 4, in November 2014. Teuber made this announcement at the weekly meeting of Business United Political Action Committee, a non-partisan action group that facilitates discussion of public issues affecting Southwest Florida.

In a prepared statement announcing his candidacy, Teuber, who had previously served on the Lee County School Board, stated that Lee County witnessed dramatic systemic changes and marked improvement during his eight years in office as a School Board member.

In his statement he said he believes the last two years have been void of any leadership and direction resulting in the current stagnation in academic improvement, that left unchecked, will continue to negatively impact our community for years to come.

Teuber also explained the reason for his early entry into this race is the need to stress the importance of qualified, proven leadership in this position to all of Lee County.

“It’s a big task to get the information to such a large community but it is paramount if we want to correct the direction our education system is on,” he said in the statement.

The 2014 race is a non-partisan, county wide election.