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Local businesses offer Valentine’s Day treats

By Staff | Feb 13, 2013

From glittering jewels and fragrant bouquets, to melt-in-your-mouth sweets, Cape Coral businesses are offering great deals on Valentine’s Day gifts.

Family-owned Zak’s Jewelry is offering a free box of chocolates with any purchase of $300 or more. This year’s big seller – colored diamonds.

“The colored diamonds have become very hot,” manager Alison Polo said.

Zak’s offers them in pink, blue, yellow, green, black and champagne.

“The selection of colored diamonds is always good,” she said.

Tennis bracelets – diamond bracelets – are also big Valentine’s gifts.

“I’m seeing a lot of diamond studs moving,” Polo added.

For those looking for something outside of the box, Zak’s has a large selection of used Rolexes. Engagement rings are always an option.

“For a romantic holiday, it’s always a nice gift,” she said.

Zak’s also repairs jewelry and can rework pieces in order to give them a new look, such as resetting an older ring into a newer or more modern setting.

“I think that, overall, we’re happy with the turnout for Valentine’s Day this year,” Polo said, adding that she thinks the local economy is picking up.

“I think it’s evident in our sales,” she said.

The handmade chocolates are created by Debbie Has It Covered.

Sheryl Bissett, the owner of Lilies by Design, also reported experiencing an increase in sales for Valentine’s Day, as compared to previous years.

“I’ve seen a lot of return customers,” she said.

In the flower department, anything seems to be a go this year.

“Roses are really nice right now for Valentine’s Day,” Bissett said, adding that a mixed flower arrangement with roses can be even more special.

“The big sellers have been the mixed, not just the average rose,” she said.

For holiday buyers short on time, Lilies by Design offers quick service and variety with its cash-and-carry arrangements – a kind of grab-and-go deal.

Plush animals and custom-made chocolates are also available in-store.

“That makes us different than other shops,” Bissett said.

Whether it comes served in a champagne glass or heart-shaped box, those decadent Valentine’s Day treats can be located at Cape Coral Gourmet Food and Wine. The shop has a bit of everything, including Candy Station sweets.

“We’re a gourmet shop,” Dolores Zumkeller, one of the owners, said. “We have wines and champagne. We have some little gift items and food stuff.”

Cape Coral Gourmet Food and Wine also features a section of homemade candy from Candy Station, which previously occupied the Cape building.

“We have a lot of truffles, and we have them boxed up for Valentine’s,” she said.

The range of flavors include amoretto, brandy, cappuccino, kahlua, coffee, pina colada and more. The newest addition is carmel with sea salt, in light or dark chocolate. There are chocolate-covered strawberries and other items.

“The chocolates sell really well,” Zumkeller said.

The truffles are available by weight – $17.50 per pound.

“People can take what they want,” she said.

The chocolates come wrapped in small and large heart-shaped boxes for Valentine’s Day, or sample-sized boxes that have just a few truffles.

For the holiday, Cape Coral Gourmet Food and Wine also special ordered a quality brand of moscato – a sweet drink – in white, pink and peach.

“Normally, I will not carry those things, but for Valentine’s I have that,” Zumkeller said.

White and peach are $10.99 per bottle; pink is $11.99 per bottle.

“I have other champagnes,” she added.

Zak’s Jewelry is at 1314 Cape Coral Parkway E. For more information, call (239) 542-7766.

Lilies by Design is at 113 S.E. 47th Terrace, Suite 2. For more information, contact (239) 540-2500.

Cape Coral Gourmet Food and Wine is at 4643 Coronado Parkway. For more information, call (239) 205-5044.