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Poetic License: Diamonds and More Roses this Valentine’s Day

By Staff | Feb 8, 2013

Diamonds and More Roses This Valentine’s Day

For Marjorie

Diamonds and more roses this Valentine’s Day –

Plus a few hugs and kisses to ensure

Our love’s come back like our 401K.

Now that the Dow’s has ended its holiday,

We can protect our love from foreclosure

With diamonds and roses this Valentine’s Day.

No need now to forego that Getaway,

Staycations at home we’ll no longer endure

As our love keeps up with our 401K.

Obama’s raised the limits on what rich people pay,

More of us in the middle can now be sure

Of diamonds and roses on Valentine’s Day.

Just one more stimulus without delay

Would keep our love booming, vibrant and pure,

Our economy healthy like our 401K.

But should recession return to the USA,

We’ll still have each other – we’ll never be poor:

Instead of diamonds and roses on that Valentine’s Day,

Four hundred and one kisses -our new 401K!