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Former commissioner arrested on drug charges

By Staff | Jan 19, 2013

Former District 2 county commissioner Brian Bigelow is out on bond after he was arrested early Friday morning for possession of more than two grams of cocaine, possession of drug paraphernalia, and loitering outside an apartment complex in Fort Myers.

Bond was set at $12,000. He appeared in front of the judge wearing a Lee County prison-issued jumpsuit and bonded out later Friday.

According to the police report, shortly after midnight, Fort Myers police officers were on patrol in the area of 1015 Marsh Ave., the Brookside Village Apartment complex, in an especially crime-ridden area of town.

The report said there is an especially high rate on complaints from residents regarding narcotics possession, sale and use on the property as well as illegal gun possession and crimes on people.

Officers said they observed a silver Ford Focus parked on the north side of the property with the motor running.

The driver, a white male, was out of the vehicle near the trunk. Officers also observed a person in the passenger seat.

The white male, upon sight of law enforcement officers, quickly returned to the car and attempted to back out of the parking lot, officials said. That was when officers responded.

The driver, identified as Bigelow, 49, said he felt he was being discriminated against and requested a supervisor to the scene.

The officer observed that Bigelow’s hands were shaking as if he was nervous, was stuttering and had sweat forming on his forehead. He requested a K-9 officer respond to the scene.

The canine reacted to something in the car. During the search, a small baggie of cocaine was found under the front passenger seat.

Also found in Bigelow’s right pants coin pocket were 10 small plastic baggies containing cocaine, a pack of cigarettes that also had a small baggie, and a cut, green straw, according to reports.

A total of 2.15 grams was found to be in Bigelow’s possession.

Bigelow was arrested on one count of drug possession and two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia.

The passenger of the car, Markis Avila, was also arrested and charged with drug possession.

Bigelow had been the Republican District 2 County Commissioner. He decided to run for Clerks of the Court last year, but lost in a primary.