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Report: ‘Eagle Cam’ hits 5 million views

By Staff | Jan 17, 2013

Since its inception in September 2012, the Southwest Florida “Eagle Cam” has received more than 5 million views from over 150 different countries worldwide. Through the lens of a live streaming camera the world has watched over the past five months as the adult eagles, nicknamed Harriet and Ozzie, lay, hatch and raise their young. From the time the eaglets were hatched in the first few days of 2013 the live stream has averaged over 190,000 views a day.

“Since the hatching of the baby eaglets, we have seen viewership and interest increase 10 fold,” said Andy Pritchett, the project manager for the camera and son of landowner Richard Pritchett. “We couldn’t be more pleased by the popularity and success and hope to continue this momentum as we watch the eaglets grow.”

Dick Pritchett Real Estate launched the camera that observes the eagles in their natural habitat in hopes of providing an educational and learning experience. Now five months into existence, the camera has had dozens of schools contact them to utilize the cam in classroom learning. These classroom visits, videos and photos seen on websites, have all been made possible thanks to the many volunteers who moderate and manage the chat rooms. Viewers can have their questions answered by knowledgeable resources thanks to all of them.

“The support we have received from volunteers and eagle enthusiasts has been extraordinary. We have a great team from around the country, working day in and day out – this is just as much their success as ours,” continues Andy Pritchett.

The eaglets, which normally spend 80 days in the nest after hatching, will grow quickly over the first 30 days, gaining about half their full body weight. Then, as they begin to build strength and stability, their coordination and balance advances allowing them to stand on their feet and take small steps. After another 30 days, while developing their juvenile feathers, they will start to use their wing muscles by jumping and flapping around in the nest. Finally, after a total of almost three months on the nest, the eaglets will be able fly and hunt by observing their parents and then fledge, or leave the nest.

History of the adult eagles

Harriet and Ozzie have been calling North Fort Myers their winter home for over 20 years and reside in the nest between the months of October and April. This active pair of birds have been laying eggs and raising fledgling eagles for the past several years.

About the camera

To preserve the natural habitat of the eagles, the camera is positioned six feet above the nest and is attached to a tree limb, using no screws or nails. The noiseless camera also uses night vision. This feature allows the camera to see at night without disturbing the eagles. The camera streams live video and can be viewed at www.dickpritchettrealestate.com. The camera was launched in September of 2012.

About Dick Pritchett Real Estate

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