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Time ‘we’ make some decisions

By Staff | Jan 4, 2013

To the editor,

Have you ever hired someone to do a job and then realized that they were incapable of performing the task they said they were qualified for? Well, this is the problem we are facing today.

With fiscal disaster at our doorstep it is obvious that the people we hired to take care of this situation can’t perform. In fact, the only time I have seen our representatives come alive recently is when they threw a little mud at each other and then picked up their toys and went home for the holidays. We have been down this road to gridlock many times before and I know I’m fed up with the posturing and finger pointing and I think you are too.

It’s time; it’s time we made some decisions of our own that will kick us out of the quagmire our country is in. We need to let our representatives know that the needs of the people are different from the needs of the party. Let’s face it, they are obviously more interested in furthering their careers within the party system than doing the right thing for the American people, then some changes are badly needed. It seems we must deal with something this country doesn’t need nor want; namely the career politician. These are the individuals who think they should enjoy power and privilege, while they control the future of the American people now and up to the day they die.

History shows that service to our country should be short-term. It should be just long enough to accomplish some good things for our nation but not long enough for the individual to be part of the corruption that sets in. If we really want to do away with the people who abuse the power we give them, then we must insist on an amendment that will bring term limits to all our representatives not just our president.

To give our voice meaning we should start a massive write-in effort to bring enough pressure on our representatives to create and support a sincere effort for an amendment of this type. The amendment itself would apply to all future elected representatives. This, hopefully, will make it an easier decision for those in office today. If our present representatives refuse to embrace this amendment then we should vote them out of office when their present term expires.

We might want to consider a single six-year term for our senators and a maximum of three two-year terms for our representatives. This would have a tremendous positive effect on our problem of party first and nation second. This would also put a dent in the seniority system in Congress, which is a major cause of many of our political ills.

At this time we might also consider changing our voter registration to independent rather than our present party affiliation. We don’t need to change our views on what we believe in, just how we are registered. Besides if you’re like me you don’t embrace the entire party platform anyway.

As an independent you can have the representatives find out what are the most important items on your political agenda and act accordingly. This withdrawal from party registration will show the party leaders that 99 percent of American voters are in control of the future of this country, not them.

Many of our founding fathers were really taken back when the political parties started to form. They thought the party system would be an evil thing for the country. Who knows maybe they could see further into the future than we thought. Just think of it, wouldn’t it be great living in a country where the majority of the voters are independent and not taken for granted by any political party.

In the last election we, the American people, gave a lesson to the wealthy political control groups. They spent a record amount of money through Political Actions Committees (PACs) trying to manipulate the outcome of many elections, but most of their efforts failed. The 99 percent won this one and it was a big victory that told the wealthy that wanted to control the future of this country that their money didn’t work this time.

Let’s follow up with another victory, let’s do these two changes that we can control and look forward to having representatives that put the needs of the people first

Bernard Maher