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Semmelman Energy Center opens on Sanibel

By Staff | Jan 4, 2013

Karen L. Semmelman

Do you want to be comfortable doing Zumba on the beach, when you feel that all you are capable of doing is a slow walk?

You can, because our bodies are meant to move rhythmically to our internal beat and it is just a matter of getting those rhythms harmonized to sing together in optimal balance, which we all can achieve.

Karen L. Semmelman, certified Eden Energy Medicine practitioner, matrimonial and trial lawyer for more than 30 years, reiki and radionics practitioner, believer in quantum physics and owner of Semmelman Energy Center is delighted to announce opening an office on Sanibel. The practice is dedicated to balancing the body’s nine energetic systems (which is testable on every person) to optimize health and healing; to help teach techniques of Zumba on the beach with vigor and comfort.

Sounds a bit esoteric, so what does it mean? The particular type of basic Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) Semmelman practices is that if energy is clogged, blocked or trapped, then one can expect pain, discomfort or disease that results. By unclogging the blockage, the healing commences on the energetic level. The foundation of EEM is a series of exercises that activate each of the energetic systems. The combination of these exercises is known as the 5-minute routine, which assists the body in achieving a state of wellness in balance with one’s energetic systems.

By stepping back and viewing the health care we know generally, it places the practice of EEM approach in perspective.

Dr. Mehmet Oz, chief of cardiology at Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons, predicted on Oprah, “The next big frontier in medicine is Energy Medicine.” That frontier is already here.

Donna Eden, who developed the protocols used in the practice of Eden Energy Medicine, is showing that techniques from ancient healing and spiritual traditions make powerful contributions to contemporary health care.

For more information call (443) 786-0472 or email Semmelman at ksemmelmanenergy@gmail.com,

Her office in Sanibel is located on Dinkins Bayou near the Captiva causeway.