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Love the island

By Staff | Dec 21, 2012

To the editor

I would llike to respond to the couple from Orlando that found it so terrible that our restaurants packaged their take home foods is styrofoam containers, plus our lighting of christmas trees, etc., uncalled for because the trees get sticky and die.

I have lived here on the island for many years and think it is the best place in all the world. If they are unsatisfied with the way we do things I would suggest maybe they stay home in Orlando where it is not environmentally safe. Maybe they should bring their own take home food containers or bring their own coffee mugs along with them.

As far as restaurants serving Organic foods and no meat, maybe they should look for those kind of restaurants. I agree with garbage being left on the trails as being a nuisance, but maybe they could bring along a baggie and pick up the trash.

I love this Island and for those that don’t like it stay home and don’t request us to change our ways of living just so you can have a environmentally happy vacation. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I live here because I love it here.

Nancy Butler