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Council makes appointments

By Staff | Dec 14, 2012

Michael Valiquette and Chris Heidrick, whose terms on the Sanibel Planning Commission expire on Jan. 7, agreed to appointment for another term by the Sanibel City Council.

City Council passed a resolution on December 4 giving new three-year terms to Valiquette, who chairs the commission panel, and Heidrick. Two new applications were received for consideration for the appointments.

Similarly, six seats that expired on Dec. 7 on the Sanibel Contractor Review Board were filled by those who already occupy them. Council reappointed electrical contractor Jeff Molnar, general contractor Matt Kirchner, architect Edgar Burton, resident Jim Kilchenman, engineer Richard Arnold and air conditioning contractor Paul Martin. Martin will serve a two-year term through Dec. 6, 2014, while the other five will serve four-year terms through Dec. 6, 2016.

Three seats on City Council are up for election in March 2013. Through a resolution, Council set the election for March 5 with the Lee County Elections Supervisor. The seats held by Marty Harrity, Mayor Kevin Ruane and Vice Mayor Mick Denham will be voted on by Sanibel residents. All three councilmen said they will run for re-election to another term.

In other Council business, the city has identified three traffic hot spots for evaluation and recommendation for potential improvements. The hot spots, all on Periwinkle Way, are the 1000 block west of Bailey Road, the intersection at Casa Ybel Road and the intersection at Tarpon Bay Road south to Island Inn Road.

The city plans to work with Kittelson & Associates, a transportation engineering firm in Orlando, to set the scope and fees required to study the hot spots.

The city also will conduct a review of its current crosswalk policy, which has not been updated since 1997. Since then, Kittelson & Associates consulted with the state of Florida which adopted a statewide crosswalk policy and can provide insight in updating Sanibel’s policy.

Council also approved a resolution to transfer $7,298 from the Federal Forfeiture Fund to the city’s Capital Acquisition Fund in order to replace dash video camera equipment on Sanibel Police cruisers. The cash comes from property seized by law enforcement operations, such as drug trafficking busts and can only be used by agencies to fight crime.

Council also reviewed its new draft ordinance regarding nuisance/neglected property which has drawn national attention. The ordinance is aimed at identifying nuisance or neglected properties and correct the situation before they become a danger to the community.

The ordinance seeks to address the exterior of structures in well maintained condition, free of litter and tall grass, pools and fountains clean and odor free, repair leaking roofs and gutters, and properly secure windows and doors to prevent intrusion.

The ordinance draft will go on the agenda for the Jan. 8 meeting of the Planning Commission.

City Council also is accepting applications for the city’s representative to the Lee County Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) citizen advisory committee. The appointment approval is made by the Lee County Commissioners.

The representative advises MPO on policy aspects of issues, public imvolvement programs and other duties assigned by the MPO.

MPO by-laws can be obtained at Sanibel City Hall. Applications can be obtained at City Hall or on the city’s website. The deadline for applying is Monday, Dec. 31.