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Shared Use Path has rules

By Staff | Dec 7, 2012

To the Editor,

Now that season is coming, the multipurpose path is getting more crowded and more dangerous. The path is intended and used by not only bicycle riders but by walkers, dog walkers and joggers and there has to be some uniform code of use that everyone must follow.

I went online and discovered there are quite a few websites that give you information on rules and laws regarding these multipurpose paths. One such website that I found was Road Runners Club of America (www.rrca.org/education-advocacy/etiquette-for-runners) and under Rules and Laws of the road and trails section, it states, “Run against traffic if running on the road. If running on the sidewalk or multi-use trails, travel on the right and pass on the left.”

You can also go to the state of Florida website under bike laws and find the same code for all users. Also, you might notice these same type of postings on Sanibel’s path itself in a few places. Hopefully more will be posted in the near future.

So, hopefully, the two inconsiderate female runners on San-Cap Road read this and get on the right. The injury they save might be their own.

Bob Fodor