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4th Bailey’s collectible ornament available

By Staff | Nov 30, 2012

It’s in the bag.

No. “It is the bag.” The Bailey’s General Store limited edition ornament for 2012 is the iconic brown paper Bailey’s handle sack.

This year’s ornament is the fourth in the store’s series of collectible ornaments. Throughout the years Bailey’s has used the handle sack as an alternative to the traditional brown paper bag used in most grocery stores. Residents and frequent visitors have grown accustomed to the convenience the handles offer.

Each ornament is made of 24k gold on brass and comes in a Royal Blue presentation folder showing the Bailey’s logo on the front. The folder contains a certificate indicating the limited edition ornament number and giving a brief description of the particular significance of the design. The ornaments, certificates and folders are produced by The Charleston Mint of Brevard, N.C.

The handle sack has served as a reminder of the unique store, the shopping experience and the visit to Sanibel Island for visitors as they stow it in their luggage for that last memento to take home.

The Bailey’s handle sack has remained environmentally friendly and completely recyclable throughout its long tenure. The handle sack has served as a convenient tote, laundry bag, beach bag, trash bag, recyclables collection bag, packing material, book cover, floor mat, seat cushion, artist’s canvas and wrapping paper. It was used as poetry parchment by Sam Bailey as he composed a poem in honor of his brother Francis’ birthday.

The handle sack has even been preserved in artwork by local artist Myra Roberts in her painting “Bailey Dog” which shows a customer returning from a shopping trip with the Bailey’s handle sack of groceries and a dog in her bicycle basket.