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Lily & Co. exclusive distributor of unique Italian jewelry line

By Staff | Nov 16, 2012

The unique work of Italian jewelry

designer Roberto Demeglio can now be

found in the United States at one of the

most unique jewelry stores, Lily & Co.

Jewelers on Sanibel Island. The enticing

beauty of Demeglio’s collection is

right at home in the charming jewelry

store that offers a little something for


“We carry pieces from all of Roberto

Demeglio’s collections, including

Domino and Joy,” said Lily & Co. Coowner

Dan Schuyler. “The rarity and

uniqueness of his whole collection

make it a perfect fit for Lily, because

that is who we are rare and unique.”

Roberto Demeglio’s roots in the jewelry

business date back to 1922 when

his father, who started as a watchmaker,

opened a store/workshop. Demeglio’s

strong focus on original design and utilizing

new technology to perfect his

pieces has earned him worldwide recognition.

Demeglio’s signature looks

include diamond-accented ceramic

numbers that resemble dominos, as well

as stretchable bracelets and rings

drenched in diamonds.

“The stretchable styles are crafted in

a patented stainless-steel coil system

that allows them to bend and flex in

unimaginable ways,” said Schuyler.

“The whole collection offers universal

appeal to all types of consumers looking

for a little flavor in life.”

The entire Roberto Demeglio collection

that is with out ostentation but

shows with a passion for technique and

an instinct for artisan craftsmanship

pulls its inspiration from different

places to create the rare pieces made of

18-karat gold. Lily & Co., an exclusive

North American distributor, is proud to

add the Roberto Demeglio line to its

already-exquisite collection of designer


When visiting Sanibel

Island, make Lily & Co. a

must-stop-to-experience jewelry store

where you will find jewelry designed by

Gurhan, Charles Garnier and Donna

Chambers, among many others; time

pieces by classic names such as Rolex

and Cartier; giftware; and artwork by

Myra Roberts and Diane Fugit, just to

name a few. It is located at 520 Tarpon

Bay Rd. with store hours from 10 a.m.

to 5 p.m., Monday through Saturday.

“We are a true jewelry gallery, where

you can also find wearable, table, and

wall art,” said Schuyler. “We pride ourselves

in that one-of-a-kind feeling that

we’ve worked so hard to create. Our

goal of offering that outstanding and

unique shopping experience that our

customers will never see anywhere else

is consistently reinforced by everything

that we do to make it happen.”

For more information about Lily &

Co., call 239-472-2888 or visit