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County dredging Punta Rassa boat ramp

By Staff | Nov 9, 2012

JIM LINETTE Dredging of the popular boat ramp and channel at Punta Rassa next to the Sanibel Causeway toll plaza is expected to continue for the next two months, a 3,000-cubic-yard project of Lee County Parks & Recreation.

Possible delays and partial closings may be expected at the Punta Rassa boat ramp adjacent to the Sanibel Causeway toll plaza over the next two months while the boat channel is being dredged.

Work is taking place on weekdays only. Weekend boaters will have full access to all ramps, but during the week at least one ramp will remain open at all times.

“It is the busiest boat ramp in all of Lee County, said Parks & Recreation senior supervisor Vicki Little. “More than a hundred boats use it each weekday and several hundred on the weekend.”

Most boaters who utilize this busy boat ramp, which was last dredged about six years ago, will not encounter closings or delays. Punta Rassa is a popular location for recreational and charter fishing to launch with easy access to the Gulf of Mexico.

Improvements to the dock were just completed in the last six weeks at a cost of $97,000. New deck planks and pilings were installed.

“The fish cleaning station which has been closed for a long time is being relocated,” said Little. “We hope to have the new station open in the near future.”

Lee County Parks & Recreation, working with the West Coast Inland Navigation District, is conducting the maintenance dredging of the Punta Rassa channel. The objective is to improve navigation access to the ramps and docks by restoring it to the depths in 1998. Marine Contracting Group of Punta Gorda is the contractor performing the work that is being funded through the Department of Natural Resources.

Approximately 3,000 cubic yards of material will be removed from around the docks and the access channel to the boat ramps.

“The dredging project is expected to be completed by the end of the year,” said Little.