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Vote Mitt Romney

By Staff | Nov 2, 2012

Before casting your vote in the

election for president, ask yourself

two questions:

First, is the United States better

off today than four years ago?

Even more important, will you be

better off four years from now?

Electing Mitt Romney as president

will bring real change, giving

Americans reason for hope about

the future. President Barack

Obama’s record provides cause

only for worry.

Fewer Americans are working

today than when Obama took

office. Millions are not on the

official unemployment reports

because they have given up on

finding work. Millions more are

“underemployed” in low-wage or

part-time jobs that are all they can

find. This is not the American

dream. It has become a nightmare

for too many people.

Trillions of dollars have been

wasted on programs such as “stimulus”

and bail-outs of big businesses

and irresponsible states.

The national debt is $16 trillion,

with $5.4 trillion of that piled

up under Obama.

Obama has spent $90 billion on

“green” energy – while attempting

to wreck the coal industry.

What about the next four years

if Obama is re-elected?

“Obamacare” would kick in fully.

Health insurance would cost more

for tens of millions of people.

Some families would lose the

insurance they have now.

New limits on coal would force

tens of millions of families to pay

hundreds of dollars a year more for


Our economy, straining to hold

its own, would be crippled by new

taxes – at least $1 trillion, admits

Vice President Joe Biden.

The world would become even

more dangerous, thanks to an

Obama foreign policy that refuses

to recognize the resurgent threat of

Islamic terrorism, snubs the leader

of Israel and has done little or nothing

to stop Iran from building

nuclear weapons.

The past four years have not

been good. The next four would be

worse under Obama.

Romney represents a real and

realistic alternative. His economic

policies will hold taxes low, allowing

the private sector to create new


More important, Romney

brings the predictability on government

regulation and taxes that

businesses need to create jobs –

and families need to begin buying

again and thus, growing the economy.

Romney will abandon the war

on coal, which will help to hold

electric bills down.

Romney will ensure programs

such as Social Security, Medicare

and Medicaid remain available to

the many Americans who rely on

them. Real health care reform, not

a government takeover that will

cost many families more for medical

care, will occur under


Our foreign enemies will face a

strong, determined United States

– not a nation second-guessing

ourselves and our heritage –

under Romney.

It has become clear Obama’s

policies are expensive failures.

Four more years of an accelerated

drive toward bigger government

would be a catastrophe.

“You didn’t build this,” Obama

said in an insult to scores of millions

of hard-working people.

Romney understands we indeed

did build America – and need a

chance to rebuild our nation’s


That makes the choice crystal

clear. The Reporter endorses Mitt

Romney for president, and urges

voters to elect him on Nov. 6.