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Poetic License: Avis Magnus* Defunded Est

By Staff | Oct 19, 2012

Avis Magnus* Defunded Est

Cato the Elder incorporated the words ‘Carthage must be destroyed !’ (Cartago delenda est) into every speech he made in the Senate, no matter what the subject of the matter debated was.

I, Romney, Candidate, dig up Cartago

And the cry Cato oft expressed,

To tell the gang back in Old Chicago,

“Avis Magnus defunded est!”

“Take Burt and Ernie off the dole,

No food stamps for Grover and the rest

Stop Cookie Monster from swallowing whole,

Avis Magnus defunded est!”

“Let Count van Count count the things that count

In the Ryan budget that fail the test,

But I’ll keep shouting from my Mount,

“Avis Magnus defunded est!”

“Have Christie vie with Oscar the Grouch

For who sings “I Love Trash” the best,

And I’ll be the first to holler “Ouch!”

And “Avis Magnus defunded est!”

“By now you’re wondering what I meant

With ‘Avis Magnus defunded est’ —

It’s billions in tax cuts for Us One Percent

But not one penny for Miss Piggy’s dress!”

*Latin for Big Bird