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B Unique Boutique carries unique jewelry line

By Staff | Oct 19, 2012

Photos by SHANNEN HAYES New political line by Barbie Jones carried at B Unique Boutique on Sanibel


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They are the elephants, not the donkeys.

The Republican Party was first depicted as an elephant by Harper’s Weekly cartoonist Thomas Nast during the 1874 mid-term election. In that same cartoon, he depicted the Democrats as a donkey and both icons stuck.

Barbie Jones depicts the Republican elephant and Democratic donkey in her new jewelry line that can be found at Sanibel’s B Unique Boutique. Her use of patriotic red, white and blue with touches of gold in the political pieces represent her design philosophy, “In order to look forward with grace, elegance and savvy one must constantly revisit the exhilarating, classic cornerstones of the past.”

“Barbie is talented and has an awareness of what is going on in our country,” said Sandra Williams, owner of B Unique Boutique. “This new jewelry line can be a fun way to show your political affiliation, plus it is made right here in the United States.”

Jones has been creating jewelry since she was a little girl, and now is a collector of antique jewelry. That led her to researching jewelry and turning the broken antique pieces into new, wearable ones. She has spent her nearly 10-year career leading fashion trends with her colorful, unique jewelry.

“It’s been a dream come to fruition,” said Jones about the success of her jewelry.

Her Republican elephant and Democrat donkey line came out of her longtime interest in politics. Adding to the patriotism of the Republican and Democratic parties, Jones’ line is made in the U.S.A. While many companies are exporting work to poorer nations, mainly China, Jones is working to keep jobs in America.

“It’s one of the things hurting the U.S. economy,” she said. “Oversees is short-term gain and long-term loss, which we are being affected by now. This is my small part in bringing more manufacturing jobs to our economy.”

Jones’ Republican line can be found at B Unique Boutique, 1614 Periwinkle Way, in Heart of the Islands plaza. The shop predominantly features made in the U.S.A. merchandise, the rest comes from North, South and Central America, as well as Asia and Africa.

Williams and her husband David, have carefully selected products from mostly smaller manufacturers and high-quality artisans, craftsmen and artists to showcase in their store. Many represent environmentally and eco-friendly causes, as well as some charitable foundations.

“Our goal is to be a part of the Sanibel and Captiva communities while supporting good causes,” said Williams.

Visit B Unique Boutique for a different and relaxing shopping experience from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday.