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Senior Center is a priority

By Staff | Oct 12, 2012

Dear Editor,

In regard to Elton Shepherd’s letter “Replace Senior Center,” I’m not sure I understand why Mr. Shepherd is bringing this up at this time when it would seem that these concerns should have been addressed at one of the many hearings our City Council has held on the budget.

These meetings/discussions are not secret, everyone is welcome and anyone who wants to be heard has an opportunity each time they meet.

As for the Senior Center, I seriously doubt that building could be demolished and replaced for the $490,000 Mr. Shepherd cites. I don’t doubt that the money allocated by the Council for necessary repairs to the Senior Center was given serious consideration and was well thought out before the final decisions were reached for the present time.

It’s obvious that we need to meet the current needs and think of how this building is evolving. The use of the Senior Center doesn’t stay static and much has to be considered about its necessary requirements. This is a very important facility on Sanibel – a home-away-from-home for hundreds with dozens of interesting and fun programs, extremely well run, and at no time should anyone think it’s not a priority.

Yolande Welch

Sanibel resident and a former president of the Senior Center Board