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Money may drive Presidential election

By Staff | Oct 12, 2012

To the Editor,

I can’t believe that this is another election where the Republican Party couldn’t find a leader that is capable of moving us away from the mess created by eight years of totally inept Republican leadership, a period that almost destroyed this nation’s economy, as well as inflicting irrefutable damage to some European countries.

In the primary fight for the Republican presidential candidate it became obvious that all the Republicans cared about was getting President Obama out of office. It looked like they couldn’t care less about putting in a leader that would be good for the entire country. This hatred for one man that happens to be our president is a sickness that has given the country a health problem it may never recover from.

This hatred has put party first and our country last and implanted some incredible roadblocks to legislation that could have moved the country toward recovery. Now we have this chameleon called Romney who is pointing to some of the failures of President Obama knowing full well the role played by his own party.

Candidate Romney admits he has no recovery plan, but will form one with Congress when he gets elected. He can tell you what’s wrong with the President’s plan, but he can’t tell you his plan. Bear in mind a recovery plan is totally different from taking a stand on various issues.

We have now come down to an election that is under a new set of rules, allowing unlimited monies to flow forth under the label of Political Actions Committees, also known as PACs. These committees form to gather money to support a candidate or a cause. In view of this no limit rule the amount of monies spent for this election is astronomical compared to previous years.

The result of all this is that the one with the most money has a better opportunity to control the mindset of the nation. The scary part of all this is the vast amount of money that has been put into the hands of one Karl Rove to once again control the lies and innuendos of a massive propaganda campaign between now and election day.

You might remember Karl Rove, who in essence was in charge of dirty tricks when he was part of the George Bush debacle. God help us if this man once again becomes part of the ruling regime of this country.

Bernard Maher