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Captiva code adopted by County Commission

By Staff | Sep 21, 2012

In a 5-0 vote with no discussion, the Board of Lee County Commissioners approved the amendment to the county Land Development Code for Captiva Island, as proposed by the Captiva Community Panel.

“The panel members are delighted the County Commissioners unanimously approved the changes in the Land Development Code,” said Panel President Rick Hayduk.

The seven-day rental minimum language for the RSC-2 area — the estate zoned area or from Blind Pass to the first S-curve where lots are one acre or more and allowed to have multiple dwellings — was included. In addition, the septic checkoff language for permit applications was modified as follows:

Prior to the issuance of a development order, zoning or building permits for a new building or an addition or remodeling to convert existing space to living area, for properties that contain existing On-Site Sewage Treatment and Disposal System, the applicant must provide written documentation indicating the approximate date the system was constructed and the last date the OSTDS was serviced or received a pumpout by a licensed septic contractor.

County staff indicated the reason for a two-year timeframe proposed by Captiva Community Panel was eliminated is due to it conflicting with state statutes. Planner Max Forgey offered the only public comment, and asked that should the statute be changed he hoped the language could be revisited.

“This process began well before the current panel was in place, but the common thread was the diligent work and guidance of panel member Mike Kelly, former Counsel of the Urban Land Institute,” said Hayduk. “Using public forums to vet each of the code changes along with guidance from Lee County’s community planning leaders, Captiva now has updated language to monitor growth and change while preserving its natural surroundings.

This is a true testament to community involvement in the land planning process when all forces come together for the betterment and preservation of Captiva’s quality of life and architectural aesthetics,” concluded Hayduk.

Additional details about the new Land Development Code and when the new regulations take effect will be discussed at the next Captiva Community Panel meeting Oct. 9 at Chadwick’s Square.