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A vote for Obama, warts and all

By Staff | Sep 21, 2012

Dear Editor,

As an island resident listening to the political comments of other island residents, it is clear that most are of the Republican persuasion. If I were as wealthy as most of our residents, I too would probably join in the condemnation of President Obama, but I’m not.

So, I will explain way I will probably vote for the incumbent, warts and all.

Please! Name one president that was perfect. Even Washington cut down the cherry tree!

They say the President has caused us trillions in debt, but they do not mention the fact that it was two wars that initiated this debt which is still costing us tax money today.

They say what is now known as Obamacare is a terrible plan, what they don’t say is, it was patterned after a plan of Governor Romney in his state!

Romney says he will create 700 thousand jobs in Florida. I guess that means he will bring back all those factories his company sent overseas awhile back, putting 700 thousand people out of work.

Romney is also going along with the trickle down philosophy by not burdening the rich with an increase in their tax burden; so they can use that savings to create more jobs, so they say. When in fact the trickle down philosophy has defied the law of gravity through the years, and trickled up! And there I was looking up, waiting with outstretched arms.

The Republicans are tired of hearing the (invisible President Bush) administration was the cause of most of our country’s problems of today. I guess the truth does hurt.

The problem I have with the Republican Party is, they don’t seem to care that much for the average working class people of this country, except maybe for housekeepers and yard men, at least that is the impression they have been saddled with.

And Romney’s knee-jerk foot-in-mouth disease seems to be a habit, like blaming the President for a movie insulting the Muslim faith that the President had nothing to do with. I’m surprised he hasn’t blamed the President for the ice melting in Alaska!

When asked about his past income and income tax records, he declined full disclosure. If I had his wealth I would be proud of how successful in business I was. Could it be he had a taste for Swiss cheese?

It seemed these last four years the Republicans have fought every plan President Obama put forth to help what is left of the middle class, and the poor, simply to make him look bad as President. And that’s about all they have accomplished these last four years of trying.

So I ask you (since the government considers me below middle class), do you blame me for not jumping for joy at the prospect of Governor Romney being elected President?

Assuming this election will come down to the have’s and have not’s, I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of teary eyes on Sanibel in November. I think I will get a Kleenex franchise so I can join the millionaires club of Sanibel … And … Become a Republican!

Well, so much for my social life on Sanibel. Maybe I should get a tar and feathers franchise instead.

Capt. Bob Sabatino