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Cape resident celebrates 100th birthday

By Staff | Sep 18, 2012

On Monday, Sept. 17, Cape Coral resident Mildred Murphy turned 100, after a fun-filled formal celebration that was held Sunday.

A 1915 Ford picked her up, and whisked her off to a party at Gulf Harbour Resort Country Club, a luncheon for family and friends.

Her daughter, Sandy Saracione, talked about her beloved mother, and of Murphy’s life over the last century.

“She was born in Astoria, N.Y., and she moved to Florida nine years when my husband and I retired,” she said.

She remembers her mother as always active.

“She would walk with her husband, John Murphy, for miles, even over the Triborough and 59th Street bridges. They would walk to the Bronx Zoo – they didn’t have the money to take the bus both ways then. They would walk over, and take the bus back.”

Her mother is still active and very alert, she said. “She’s got a wonderful way of life – no medication, and eats healthy.”

Murphy worked for the government as the chief clerk for Selective Services.

“She worked for the draft board, she put the boys into the service,” Saracione said. “She was blessed with many honorary degrees from colonels for her outstanding work and dedication.”

And she was always a perfectionist.

“Perfection in the house is and always was the key.”

Of her interests, sewing was a personal passion. “Basically she always loved to sew,” Saracione said. “I was always a dancer and a Rockette, and she used to make all my clothes as a child, and she sewed my costumes.”

Murphy shared her daughter’s excitement of being a world-famous Rockette.

Saracione said one of the most special things about her mother was that she lives for her family. “Everything in her life when I was growing up was built around me – that was her life,” she said.

She also has a 47-year old grandson named Joseph and three beautiful great-grandchildren, Marikate, Joseph Jr. and Jack. Jack was named after his great grandfather.

“She also loves people,” Saracione said. “We entertain a lot at home, and reminisce. We have great friends, so it makes her life very interesting.”

Saracione said one of the most important and fun things she inherited from her mother is how she looks at life.

“When we do things, we do things in an extravagant ways. Big! That’s our background.”