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Cape cul-de-sac blossoms due to resident pride

By Staff | Sep 15, 2012



Two Cape residents want to be an example for taking pride in their neighborhood.

Michael Keyak and Francisco Brea of southwest Cape Coral have spent their own money and much of their time taking care of the landscaping of their cul-de-sac street.

“We paid for the white rocks we maintain at a local nursery in the area, and bought all the mulch from the local Home Depot,” said Keyak.

They also bought, planted and are maintaining many trees and plants.

“I think this is important because I see a lot of these cul-de-sacs as big eyesores. We like ours looking nice. When we look out, we like to see something pretty.”

They have bought and planted azores, pygmy palm trees, Christmas Palms and variegated shrubs.

“I’m a former Marine Vietnam-era veteran and this is important to me.”

Neighbor Brea agrees.

“You have to keep up the place; the whole city should be beautified,” he said.

He also hopes their efforts will help keep property values up .

“There are many parts not green.”

Both have lived in Cape Coral for more than a decade.

They maintain the area weekly, sometimes daily.

“If it needs water, we water it. If it needs weeding, we weed it. And we use recycled water to do so,” Keyak said, of their own neighborhood green campaign.