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Patriot School students take pride in patriotism

By Staff | Sep 4, 2012

Photo Provided Students and staff at Patriot Elementary show their patriotism at school.

At Cape Coral’s Patriot Elementary School, the words of the month were “Patriotism” and “Pride.”

“We will celebrate Patriot Day, Sept. 11, with a Peace Pole being placed on our campus, a moment of silence and also by reading the President’s Proclamation,” said Principal Dave Burgess.

“Patriot Elementary has had an amazing beginning to a fabulous school year. We kicked off our year celebrating our Character Education Trait of Patriotism in celebration with the London Olympics,” he said.

Students – particularly 5th graders – are “going for the gold” this year as part of their patriotism exercises, said Sarah Ryan. She is a 5th grade teacher and Character Education Chair for the school. “They are wearing Olympic ‘gold medals’ and striving for excellence like an Olympian. Part of this excellence is leaving behind a legacy that will mark their 5th grade year and all that they accomplished.

“Some 5th graders are planning a garden, while others helped start a tradition to display character words on the school fence each month,” she continued. “August’s word, ‘patriotism’ and the word ‘pride’ have been up for all to see when they pull in to the Patriot parking lot.”

“It is a perfect vehicle to learn about other cultures and their patriotism as well,” said Burgess. “As for Patriot Elementary, patriotism is all about being a great citizen at Patriot Elementary, the city of Cape Coral, the nation and a citizen of the world. We want our students to be well rounded and know the impact they can have on the world. The Pledge of Allegiance, national anthem, ‘America the Beautiful’ and all the symbols of our country are tools we use to learn by.”

The students will also be working with a special program that includes interactive monthly assemblies highlighting character education words such as respect, honesty and compassion.

“Patriot students are striving to exhibit these character traits every day and are being recognized specifically for their citizenship weekly,” said Ryan.

“This program also supports the ‘anti-bullying’ legislation by teaching children how to interact positively with peers and giving them the courage and responsibility to stand up for themselves and one another,” he continued.

“With the focus on building character as well as excelling in academics the 5th grade, Patriots will be holding the torch as they head off to middle school at the end of the year.”